An Exciting Prius Commercial

June 10, 2020

Toyota ran some Prius commercials a few years ago about some bank robbers using a Prius to evade the police. I was not motivated at all to buy a Prius. Maybe I wasn't their target market? But I do like to think of myself as creative, and sometimes I like to imagine myself working at an ad agency (even though none of them in the area wanted to hire me), so here is my take on a Prius commercial.

We start off with the cast of the Fast and Furious franchise drag racing (because I'm sure that's what they do when they aren't making those movies). Someone with messy hair and shades then shows up in a Prius. Everyone laughs but he lines up on the starting line anyway. The race starts and both cars take off.

As the cars are rocketing down the track, the wind blows the hair off of the mystery man and he is revealed to be Vin Diesel wearing a wig. He gives a smug smile as he wins the race and the tag line “Secretly Fast, Secretly Furious” shows up on screen as the entire cast of the Fast and Furious are each speeding down the road in a Prius.

Why is my commercial awesome?

  • The Fast and Furious franchise is fairly well known
  • The franchise is associated with fast, desirable cars
  • Vin Diesel wearing a wig and driving a Prius is unexpected
  • The tag line is funny, but it also implies that there is more to the Prius than meets the eye

Why is my commercial bad?

  • I have no idea who the target market is

At the very least, I think my version is more entertaining.

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